The Awesome True Story of The Real Petit Jean
Dr. Lee W. Woodard found French records about young French Noble, Petit Jean De Marne & beloved friend(s). Petit (Or Petite) Jean landed at Matagorda Bay Texas in 1685 with Rene Robert Cavelier De La Salle & about 200 souls. Endured agony at Fort St Louis, TX & in wilds of E. TX, E. OK, & Western Ark. After being forced to take part in bloody brawls that took 7 lives, fled down ARK River with 6 others. Drowned on Saint Jean (John) Baptist Day, June 24, 1687. He (Or she, as in legend) was lovingly prepared for burial by Native Americans. Funeral was led by two Catholic priests on East End of Petit Jean Mountain. A lover stayed nearby while others fled to France. Eyewitness French friends recorded true story. Newly updated book about this awesome epic of tragedies & love is "Petit Jean's Mountain: The Origin of the Legend," ISBN 97809702349-1-0. Available for $12.00 plus $6.00 shipping-handling. For more information see http://www.heavener-runestone.com/ or E Mail lwoodard2u@yahoo.com
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